As a practitioner you need many helpful tools that help you automate processes and are a great assistance, sometimes even a necessity. On this page you will find all the tools and devices that I use and find most helpful. I want to help people with this page to build their business easily and quickly, benefiting from my experience and not having to spend hours of time to find the right tools. Maybe it will also help you avoid mistakes I made. I am happy to hear from anyone who successfully applies the Medical Medium info as a practitioner. If you need more help setting up for your self-employment, please book your free initial consultation!

Paperbell is the most important tool of all for me! Paperbell is a coaching software that makes my life a lot easier! How does it work? Paperbell handles all coaching processes for me in a fully automated way. Which processes are these? Scheduling, beautiful landing pages, online checkout, contract signing (mandatory), group coaching and live workshops, digital product sales, free discovery calls, intake, client overview and complete history, video call integration (Zoom automatically creates a link and sends it to you and your client when successfully booked), automated messaging, subscription and payment plan sales, client notes and much more! It’s just awesome! No need for Calendly, Jotform, Acuity etc. It’s all in one! AND the price is pretty fair for what you get! 

Right up front, please separate business and personal accounts from the start, otherwise you’ll get confused very quickly! As a self-employed person, you will have to write invoices and you need a good accounting software that is linked to your business account and your PayPal business account. Here you’ll have all your income and expenses at a glance and you can even forward everything directly online to your tax accountant. All transactions that come into your business accounts are automatically synchronized on the accounting software, so you never lose track. I use SevDesk and am very happy with it. However, I can also recommend LexOffice. It’s important to make sure your accounting software also has easy integration with PayPal and your business account. Some accounting software is easier to link with certain business accounts because they have partnerships. For example, Qonto and N26 link very well with SevDesk. With LexOffice the online banks Kontist, Qonto and Holvi  can be linked very well. In principle, all business accounts can be linked to the software, but some are much easier. I made the small mistake of linking Kontist with SevDesk. It all works, but was a little more cumbersome. 

Let’s move on to one of my favorite tools: Canva! As you may know I am very active on social media, especially Instagram. I enjoy creating informative graphics and Canva is perfect for that. You can design just about anything with Canva. Canva has the right dimensions for all social media platforms, whether it’s Instagram Story, Reel or Post or Tiktok. It’s very easy to create reels or videos for TikTok with Canva. I mostly use the app Splice to create reels because I find it even easier there and the app automatically generates captions, but Canva is actually completely sufficient! If you think you’re not creative enough, Canva is your salvation. There are thousands of templates where all you have to do is add your info and brand colors. You can also create documents, presentations, flyers, business cards and and and…. and so on. In short, I can’t live without Canva, it’s awesome! I use the pro subscription because the free version is not enough for me. 

Need help with branding colors, a great design for your freebie or e-book? Maybe you want to have a great logo design or you need individual templates for your Instagram. Fiverr is a freelancer platform where you can hand over your work to others for small money and thus 1. get better results and 2. have more time for the really important things. I’ve used Fiverr a few times and love it! Check out Fiverr and get support for your business! You want to recommend Fiverr to other people and become an affiliate partner? Sign up using this link and become an affiliate partner of Fiverr in a few minutes and share your affiliate links on your website or with your coaching friends! 

I’ve also used Creative Market myself to buy pre-made templates for my Instagram posts. Similar to Fiverr, it’s important as an entrepreneur to hand off many things to other people that you just don’t have the time or inclination for. Now when I want to create a new post, all I have to do is add my content and branding colors into the pre-made templates and my post is ready! Time is money! Creative Market is cool! 

While we’re on the subject of social media…. Flick is another tool where I say it’s worth every penny! If you’re active on Instagram, you should definitely get a subscription to Flick. As you may know hashtags can play a huge role in building your reach. However, to build a good reach it takes a lot of time to find the right hashtags. Let me try to explain it briefly. Let’s take the hashtag #parsley. When you click on #parsley, you’ll see the top posts first. The posts with the most likes and the most engagement are “ranked” there. If your post is ranked on the hashtag #parsley, you may even appear in first place. That means countless people are coming across your profile. What’s the problem with this? The hashtag #parsley has a very high competition, means very many people use this hashtag and only a few profiles with thousands of likes are ranked at the top. Conversely, this means that your post will rank under this hashtag with a very low probability. So you would have to search with care and effort every relevant hashtag for your post and analyze if you have a good probability to be ranked there. I’ve done this myself and let me tell you, it takes hours. And that’s where Flick comes in. Flick has an artificial intelligence that suggests hashtags for your posts by analyzing exactly how many likes and how much engagement you have and which hashtags you should use to have a higher chance of being ranked on. It suggests hashtags from low, medium and high competition and you should mainly use hashtags from low to medium competition. Flick also has a lot of blog posts on how to use it properly, be sure to check it out! I can say from personal experience, it works and incredibly well!!! I have had 29/30 hashtags ranked in some cases! I really recommend it to you, test out Flick over a few months! It helps us spread the medical medium info more on Instagram! If you would also like to become an affiliate for Flick, sign up quick and easy using this link and recommend it to other people in the community! 
Never again without Evernote! Evernote is an online notebook, in good! I now have my own little medical medium database there. The great thing about Evernote is that you can use the search function to enter certain terms and then all notes are displayed where this term occurs. Additionally, you can copy other Evernote notes into your Evernote. Sign up for Evernote, it’s completely free. There are paid features, but I don’t need those. 

If you want to start your own podcast, you need a podcast host that uploads your podcast to Spotify, iTunes and Co. Unfortunately, there is no other way. I chose Buzzsprout and I’m very happy with it. If you want to start a podcast, be really sure to follow through, a good website with newsletter and blog are more important than a podcast for now. However, a podcast is a really cool thing and hopefully I’ll do more podcasts in the future, it’s just a lot of fun and people like to listen to long podcasts too. It’s a great way to share a lot about yourself and your experiences. The attention span on for example Instagram or TikTok is much lower, people go to podcasts with a different expectation and are not looking for short info. If you get a subscription at Buzzsprout using my link, you get 20 euros/dollar for free after the second payment! I record my podcasts with this microphone. 

Obviously, a good laptop is the be-all and end-all when you have your own online business. I also don’t like to save on such things because I will be using this technology for years. I have the MacBookAir 13” M1, which is the best laptop from the price-performance level. I am extremely satisfied with it and can absolutely recommend this MacBook. Is the new MacBookAir M2 worth it? It’s about 20% faster, but you almost don’t notice that performance, and I’ve already heard that some people aren’t happy with the notch in the middle. For working at the height adjustable desk I have this monitor, I can’t imagine working without it anymore. The smallest storage is enough for me with the MacBook, I have an external hard drive to which I make a daily backUp of my data. 
I am focused on Apple products and need especially the good camera for social media. I have the new iPhone 14 Pro and I’m really happy with it. 

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