My Goal

My mission is to help as many athletes as possible around the world to get healthy again and perform at their best. There are an incredible number of athletes who can’t function optimally and either can’t perform their beloved sport at all or only partially. I’ve been at that point myself. Symptoms like brain fog and unexplained weakness in my limbs made life difficult for me as a professional soccer player. Especially as a competitive athlete, the pressure to perform is additionally a heavy burden. I was nevertheless able to resolve my symptoms during my time as a competitive athlete. I was able to enjoy my work as a soccer player again without symptoms and that would not have been possible without the information from Medical Medium!

Theo Bergmann – certified Health – Coach

During my active career for FC Rot – Weiß – Erfurt

Health Coaching For Athletes

Through my experiences as a professional soccer player, I have learned how to use the Medical Medium protocols successfully and profitably as an athlete. That’s why I share my experience with professional athletes and athletes who want to improve their performance, struggle with unexplained symptoms, or build muscle. Do I also advise people who do not play sports and need help with protocols? Yes! I have many clients who need help with the protocols and are not athletes.

Muneeza Ahmed and Intuition

Studying Medical Medium information from books, blogs, podcasts and co. is one thing, but to be able to do good consulting, you should learn from the best consultants worldwide. Muneeza Ahmed was a client of Anthony William for several years and learned an incredible amount of practical information from him, which she passes on in her courses. She is a luminary in this field and probably the best and most experienced consultant out there. I have been in the “Intuitive Healing Community” since March 2021 and have already been able to gather countless valuable information there, some of which cannot be found in the books. Then the highlight was in February 2022 when I completed Muneeza’s “Rise Up” program. This program is an intensive training for consultants who use Medical Medium information. Among other things, I learned how to incorporate my intuition into my consultations to help my clients in a more focused way.


  • High school diploma at the Pierre-de-Coubertin sports school in Erfurt
  • First professional contract with Rot-Weiß Erfurt while still in school in 2015
  • Further stations were 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Carl Zeiss Jena and BFC Dynamo
  • End of my career in the summer of 2022 to focus completely on consulting for athletes
  • Interview on the largest German-language Medical Medium Youtube channel “psychische und physische Gesundheit” in September 2022
  • Member of the “Intuitive Healing Community” of Muneeza Ahmed since March 2021
  • Participated in “Rise Up” by Muneeza Ahmed in February 2022 
  • “Health Coach” education at the “Academy of Sports” (including fitness trainer B license) end of 2022
  • Interview guest at the “Healing Chronic Illness Summit” in April 2023